Final Fantasy XIV Online The Make It Rain Campaign 2021 Event – start date, unique rewards, and more

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The Make It Rain campaign in Final Fantasy XIV Online has returned with the release of 2021. Players will take part in the event starting in mid-July and continuing throughout August. It’s the perfect time to pick up things you couldn’t take last year, and the perfect time for any new players to join Final Fantasy XIV Online. Here is all the information you need for The Make It Rain Campaign 2021.

Make It Rain Campaign 2021

Start time

This year’s Make It Rain campaign will run from July 19 at 1:00 PT to August 11 at 7:59 PT. This is the perfect time to start saving on any large ticket items you’ve watched and eagerly awaited to purchase in your account. Fortunately, you have a few weeks to take advantage of this opportunity to make big savings.

Event requirements

If you are a brand new character trying to take part in the Make It Rain 2021 campaign, you will want to make sure that your character has reached level 15. They will also have to complete one of the following main scenario tasks: The Gridanian Envoy, Envoy Ul’Dahn or Envoy Lominsan .

Unique event items

There are several items you can receive for attending the Make It Rain Campaign 2021. You will have the chance to try the Senator Sabotender minion, the Vexed emulator and the MGP Bronze card. You will also have the opportunity to gain exclusive success during the event, but we will not be able to learn about it until the event kicks off on July 19, and we will update this section with this information when it arrives.

How to launch the Make It Rain 2021 campaign

To start a big event, you’ll have to wait for it to spin on July 19 and for the event to start in your time zone. Once he arrives, you will need to talk to Ollier in Ul’dah – Nald’s footsteps. Ollier can be found at X: 9.4, Y: 9.2

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