Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter collide: Producers Yoshida and Tsujimoto explain a cross-over seven years in the making

Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter collide: Producers Yoshida and Tsujimoto explain cross-over seven years in manufacturing

Two of Japan’s best RPG successes in current reminiscence are coming collectively – and it began with a bar assembly.

This was one in all the most fascinating and fascinating bulletins at E3 2018 Final Fantasy 14 and Monster Hunter World are going collectively for a pair of particular cross-over occasions. It’s an trade: the iconic beast from the Monster sequence Hunter Rathalos heads to the world of EFZE on FF14 as a high-end, late boss of the recreation. In the recreation Monster Hunter, the most prolific monster Final Fantasy – Behemoth – will seem to fight hunters. While Behemoth will take the type of FF14, it is a nice nod to the sequence in common – some type of Behemoth has appeared in each main FF title.

During the E3 chaos, we got the alternative to take a seat down with two males who had this collaboration: FF14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida and Monster Hunter boss Ryozo Tsujimoto. As it seems, they’re pals – and the street to {couples} started a good ten years in the past, when Yoshida found the Monster Hunter sequence and performed one in all the PSP titles at the bar. With the arrival of 2010/11, when Yoshida took over the then-fighting FF14, Capcom provided to assist – and solely now has he lastly taken benefit of this provide, a few years later.

In this interview, the couple describes in element how the collaboration happened, in addition to their plans to fulfill the expectations of two notably hungry followers.

Gameerror: So first – how did it occur? It’s a little bit of a shock, though it additionally suits completely. How did the cooperation come about?

Naoki Yoshida: In truth, it dates again fairly a very long time. When we first met, I performed Monster Hunter Portable Freedom Unite or G or one thing in this bar – one in all the earlier Monster Hunter transportable games. I met Mr. Tsujimot there. Then a few years handed and I used to be given the process to take over FF14. That was when 1.0 was transformed to Realm Reborn.

When I introduced it, Mr. Tsujimoto was a little upset, nearly – he was frightened about my profession! He requested:are you certain you wish to transfer on?“- it was as if he thought of it as his own problem. He was so worried about it and took care of me – but at the same time he understood that if I was serious about rebuilding the FF14, it was my decision, so he offered me a question – asked if Capcom or Monster Hunter could do anything to helped. This is a kind of catalyst.

“I’d wish to play the entire recreation collectively, if in any respect potential – however this time we had been capable of make this dream come true by working collectively on this collaboration.”

Of course, if we were to do something together while FF14 was in the process of being rebuilt … I felt it would probably be on the back of Capcom’s efforts. A discussion emerged, but at the time we wanted to rebuild the FF14 and make sure we were on the same terms with Monster Hunter. That was about seven years ago, and now we are living up to that promise.

Ryozo Tsujimoto: From my point of view, I believed in Mr. Yoshida’s talent as a game director and understood his talents. That’s why I offered to help something that Capcom or Monster Hunter could do. Frankly, I really believe in Mr. Yoshida’s talent as a game director – honestly, I’d like to do the whole game together, if possible – but this time we were able to make this dream come true by working together on this collaboration.

Of course it was great because the feeling was mutual. Mr Yoshida also felt that he wanted to do something together. With Monster Hunter World, we were able to release the game globally at the same time, and we feel that we are beginning to expand more to both Western audiences and Japan. Because of this, we felt it was a really good time for this kind of partnership. The Capcom team also feels that as Monster Hunter World we are now able to return FF14 as well – so we felt it was a great opportunity.

Yoshida: Before the announcement of the Monster Hunter World title … maybe about three years ago? I had the opportunity to go to dinner with the creative director, Mr. [Kaname] Fujioka from the Capcom team and briefly mentioned to me that he will be working on the new game Monster Hunter and that he really wants to take the world with it. He was very determined to expand beyond the borders of Japan. So even before the title was even announced, Capcom spoke to Square Enix, and they both felt it would be the perfect timing to do something together. Both sides have been preparing for a long time – even before the announcement of the game Monster Hunter World.

Do you feel like you have learned a lot from each other? It looks like Monster Hunter could easily switch to an MMO and Final Fantasy could easily be a cooperative RPG on a smaller scale instead of a full MMO …

Yoshida: From my point of view, Monster Hunter World is a very important title in Japan – not only in terms of sales, but also the user base. I feel like it’s a game that has brought many younger players back to playing video games and attracted a much younger generation. It has such a style of play that you can just get together, go hunting and after you finish, you can break up. It is very suitable for contemporary playing style.

But as already mentioned, given that Rathalos appeared on FF14, we wanted to intentionally set the bar a little higher. You have to be at level 70 to challenge the content, and we also wanted the players to take the time to get there – try out a game on FF14 where you make time, and then you can challenge a monster that you’re familiar with I feel that we can bring the best of both games – let the player experience the best side of both games.

Tsujimoto: From Monster Hunter’s point of view, MHW is, of course, an action game – so it will require a lot of technique and gaming skills to attack content. With Behemoth, who appears in Monster Hunter, we wanted to make sure he was represented in MHW, while making sure he had his own kind of unique movement or action that also occupies our title. We want to make sure that our players look at Behemoth and think, “Oh, that is a horrible enemy, a scary and superb enemy!” So we thought a lot about how to achieve this for our players.

Of course, each of us must double each other to make sure that the teams approve of what is represented in each other’s games. With Behemoth … well, do you know how the monsters we fight in Monster Hunter hurt? You cut off their tails and break their horns – so we asked … Is it okay to take Behemoth and destroy some of his limbs and body parts? Team 14 was fine! Their feedback is usually so good that it is good!

Yoshida: Yeah, if you see Behemoth and hit him and try to tear off his horn, it won’t do any damage and he won’t see any destruction, people will point it out! ”This is Square Enix that says no, you can’t do that!

I said ‘Make sure all his body parts can be broken!” [laughs]

What was the procedure? Did you share such character models and assets, or was it more practical collaboration?

Tsujimoto: Of course, we discussed and shared everything that was necessary as needed. We would share models with each other’s teams. Some of the assets we needed to decide to modify them before we provided them, but the intention on both sides was to make it the best possible content. As such, we did not limit anything at all.

Yoshida: The process begins with design specifications. We make a design document and then share it with each other. Once everyone is satisfied and approved, we need to share as needed: models, textures, animations, background music, even sound effects. We feel that we have created exactly the appropriate content for each other.

I’m sure it would be complicated with other cases, but here we have the most responsible people to do it, and the conversations we had were smooth – so maybe the development team working on the real content didn’t have much trouble when it came to asset sharing and what not.

How will this content appear? Is it a timed event? Is he just a boss style raid or a variety of tasks?

Tsujimoto: At this point, not everything is complete, so we want to focus on announcing that we’re doing it in general. We are currently still working on various elements of the content itself, and there are still some specifications that need to be finalized – but of course we will be notified when they become available. We hope that this content will be available at a time when it will not be too widespread for fans to enjoy.

“We really feel very assured that we’ve got gone past what is anticipated.”

Yoshida: We did not assume it might be a very quick time period, comparable to a weekly time-limited occasion. We wished to be sure that gamers who’re about to launch FF14 or Monster Hunter World, and these gamers who’ve been with us for a very long time – each may have the alternative to fulfill and settle for this problem. We are doing one thing that may be very uncommon, and that’s a problem for us as effectively – we’ll attempt to work on it collectively. So we undoubtedly made certain that the content material suits very effectively into the theme and setting of the remainder of the world and additionally has some story ingredient. We consider that this shall be a appreciable quantity of content material.

Obviously, if you do such an occasion, it is a service to the followers. I believe it is actually good to deal with monsters slightly than crossing characters or anything – however how do you resolve the place to go? How a lot fan service is an excessive amount of?

Tsujimoto: Because that is a common occasion, I wish to be sure that we convey good parts, very iconic or signature parts of FF14, after we switch them to MHW. It is essential to maintain this in thoughts, to consider what parts are iconic – what will we take into account iconic? This is common to each games – that is why we felt that having a monster represents a recreation in this very joint effort is essential. We additionally wished to be sure that ceme we would like gamers to expertise the world and not really feel alien in it. We wish to be certain that it suits collectively very effectively, so you’re feeling such as you’ve entered the world of FF14 – even when you’re really taking part in a completely different title.

Yoshida: We got down to make the monsters seem on the FF14 aspect, however we additionally perceive that gamers need the prizes related to beating such an imposing enemy. The improvement staff is considering what we will present to encourage gamers to return and dozens of Rathalos defeats. I’m certain individuals are already speculating online about what it could possibly be – preserve speculating and think about what may come of it!

Finally – how a lot do you combine into custom? It appears that Monster Hunter followers could also be used to receiving mischievous cross-overs with issues like Street Fighter, however how do you retain followers of custom completely satisfied in each games?

Yoshida: Well … I believe we have completed it so that individuals will not really feel alien or alien when Rathalos exhibits up at FF14. It’s one thing that may be simply tailored to the custom of Eorzea – ​​so I’m fairly certain individuals will not be stunned when Rathalos exhibits up as a part of this collaboration. I hope the gamers are excited and trying ahead to it.

Tsujimoto: With MHW, too – as Yoshida identified, the MHW staff actually pays consideration to the ecosystems in which these monsters happen – that is a essential issue for us. I used to be additionally interested in how we included Behemoth in the realm of MHW – and I additionally really feel like I wish to be sure that the gamers don’t have any overseas emotions. I wish to be sure that it suits our world setting. But actually, take a look at this poster … Behemoth suits very effectively!

Yoshida: If you conceal the FF14 brand, it would not really feel proper on the spot! And actually – improvement groups are additionally very particular. Not solely about their very own games, however additionally they extremely worth one another’s games. We really feel very assured that we’ve got gone past what is anticipated.

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