Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: watch new PS5 performance mode gameplay here

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Here you can watch new gameplay in PS5 performance mode

The major PS5 update to Final Fantasy 7 Remake is only weeks away – so here’s a look at performance mode.

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While the next full part of the story may be the way to go, FF7 fans have at least some new content in shape this year Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade and his new chapter Intermission – a whole new piece of the story starring the beloved optional original member of the FF7 party, Yuffie Kisaragi.

This new track of the game shows a lot of new features, which you will find in a new chapter that is added to the PS5 version. Yuffie herself is apparently brand new and is fighting and moving around the world outside the fight in ways completely different from the party members in the main Fake Remake. He also comes with his friend Sonon, an unplayable character with whom he can join forces in special synergistic partner attacks.

Other additions include summoning Ramuh, new enemies to fight, and, of course, a new story that even has detours and side quests, including a new nod to FF7’s slightly obscure side quiz, “Turtle’s Paradise.” We’re not entirely sure how long the Intermission chapter is – it’s just a video sent from Square, rather than a hand-held capture – but it’s likely to be a few hours of distraction, in addition to updating the PS5 to the FF7 Remake main story.

Speaking of which, it’s important to touch on how the upgrade process works for this game. The Break chapter is best considered DLC – you don’t get automatic permission to do so. However, upgrading the new generation from PS4 to PS5 is free.

This basically means that if you own the PS7 version of FF7 Remake, you will be able to get a free game update that will give you the PS5 version. This means that the game runs smoother, at higher resolutions, and generally with graphics enhancements and cross-platform enhancements. While this video is a new chapter, you can deduce from it what an improved main game will look like – which seems modest but solid. Your saved file will be transferred from one version to another. There is one exception – if you received the game via PlayStation Plus, you will not be able to upgrade; you will have to buy it.

However, what you won’t get with this free update is new content, including the Yuffie chapter. The Yuffie chapter is exclusive to the PS5 version and can be purchased as a DLC after receiving a free upgrade. In the meantime, it will be included by default in all brand new native copies of the game for the PS5 system.

The footage provided by Square Enix for this video comes from Performance Mode, which aims to maintain a slide show of 60 frames per second throughout the game. The final release will also have a graphics mode that will favor 4K visuals instead.

Naturally, we will take a full look at the re-release of the PS5 and will continue to check on its performance and new content in the coming weeks as we approach its release. He’s out on June 10, just before the E3 madness begins.

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