Final Fantasy 14 will finally come to Xbox One at some point

Final Fantasy 14 will finally come to Xbox One sometime

Final Fantasy 14 is coming to Xbox One at some point.

Xbox One avid gamers will finally have the opportunity to get pleasure from Square Enix games Final Fantasy 14.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the MMORPG will come to the console sooner or later.

We heard the sport was coming to Xbox One, however since FF14 wasn’t one of many ten Final Fantasy games introduced final evening, we did not share the information from our supply.

But once we talked to the press after the x019 present, Spencer assured folks, Microsoft and Square Enix, that they have been engaged on an answer.

“Smart people may have noticed that one Final Fantasy is missing from our list: number 14. 14 is one that I worked on with Yoshida-san to find a solution to bring this game to the Xbox,” and Eurogamer (thanks, smd) “And even though it’s not on the news today, I wanted you to know, be sure to bring this game to Xbox.

“We have an incredible relationship with Yoshida-san and are engaged on what it means to carry a multi-platform MMO that has been working for years.” But it’s going to be one of the games that’s coming, and it’s something I know our Xbox fans will be incredibly excited about. “

When the MMO was remade to Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and launched on PC and PS3, many individuals questioned why there was no present Microsoft console at the time, the Xbox 360.

According to Square, this was due to Microsoft’s coverage of stopping cross-play between the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The firm didn’t need to divide the group in a method that PC and PlayStation customers may and nonetheless can play collectively.

Things have modified since then, as Microsoft is now fascinated by cross-platform cross-play. In some circumstances, cross-platform cross-play continues to be suspended, however has just lately receded a bit.

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