Final Fantasy 10-3 outline already completed, Square Enix hints it could become a reality

The outline of Final Fantasy 10-3 is already completed, Square Enix suggests that it could become a reality

Square Enix he suggested it Final Fantasy 10-3, another game from Final Fantasy 10 a universe following the events of both FF10 and FF10-2, could happen one day.

It seems that fans of Yuna, Tidus, the other Rangers, and – to a lesser extent – Shuyin and Lenna, may soon be able to answer their prayers as Square Enix comments on a potential Final Fantasy 10-3.

Longtime Square Enix developer and Final Fantasy 10 character designer Tetsuya Nomura said the chances of a new sequel to Final Fantasy 10 are not “zero” (thanks, RPGSite).

“If we’re going to do 10-3, somehow we have a summary written by Nojima-san,” Nomura said in an interview with Famitsu magazine, which took various japanese blogs. “He’s asleep right now, but the conspiracy itself exists.”

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Following these comments from Motom, Toriyama – the designer and author of Final Fantasy X – suggested that the game could eventually happen. Not yet.

“The probability is not zero,” he explained. “But we’re not at a stage where we can talk about this unless we finish making the FF7 Remake.”

So when is it likely to happen? Probably not so soon. We know that the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake is made in Square Enix and that the team wants to continue to undermine fans’ expectations. We also know that the game will use the full power of the PS5.

Besides, well, there are few messages. If you want to kill time until we get back to the world of Spira, you can always read Alex’s dive into the 17-year-old theory that Final Fantasy 7 is actually a sequel to Final Fantasy 10.

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