FIFA 22: FUT Heroes explained

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FIFA 22 began its marketing cycle before the game’s release date of October 1. This means that we are learning about some of the new features coming into play. One of them is the interesting addition of FUT Heroes to the Ultimate Team. These new cards represent a potentially fundamental change in how players will build their units in the future, but how exactly do they work?

What are FUT heroes?

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To understand the heroes of FUT, you must first know how chemistry and icons work. In Ultimate Team, chemistry is a measure of how connected your team is. This means that connecting players from the same league or nation together increases your chemistry. And if you connect players with the same league and nation, this link will be even stronger and you will get more chemistry. However, players from other leagues will not connect with each other, which forces you to make interesting decisions about building a team.

The icons on the other hand refer to everyone in the game. Thanks to that, they are very valuable even outside their incredible statistics. It allows you to connect teams from different leagues, which means you can choose and choose the best players in the world.

FUT Heroes takes the concept one step back. These old players are heroes from a specific league. This means that he will only connect with players from this league (and of course with their compatriots). This is a step away from Icons, but EA brings some interesting options. Because these cards are not as valuable as icons, it will be easier for EA to distribute them to players. It could also mean that Icon players could get Heroes cards to make some of the best players in the sport’s history accessible to everyone.

We actually saw it this year. When David Beckham’s Icon card was added in the middle of FIFA 21, EA gave each version of Beckham who played at Real Madrid. Such flexibility could be where EA tries to go with these Hero players.

Who is the hero of FUT?

So far, we know only a few FUT heroes. Others will be unveiled over the next few months. However, we already have players from each of the five major leagues and players from LIGA MX, Saudi Pro League and MLS. Let’s hope we see this kind of diversity in the future. Here are all nine players revealed so far:

  • Mario Gomez – Bundesliga
  • Tim Cahill – Premier League
  • Diego Milito – Serie A
  • Jorge Campos – MX League
  • Fernando Morientes – LaLiga
  • Sami Al-Jaber – Saudi Pro League
  • Robbie Keane – Premier League
  • Abedi Pele – Ligue 1
  • Clint Dempsey – MLS

There are also rumors of several other players that could be included as FUT Heroes. These include names such as Ivan Cordoba, Aleksandr Mostovoi, Joe Cole and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Don’t forget to check back in August, when EA will reveal even more names.

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