Far Cry 6 review – Chaos in paradise

As the sun sets on your way home, a tractor suddenly passes you on the road and crashes into a power plant. The woman jumps up inside and orders her massive crocodile to attack nearby government soldiers before grabbing horses and heading out into the sunset while a tractor explodes behind her. It’s quite a spectacle, but it barely registers as you continue your journey. Why would? It’s just another day in paradise.

Far Cry 6’s paradise depends on fantasies – the fantasy that one man can shape destiny, that corruption can be overturned, and that you will believe that the situation on Yara is deeper and more complicated than it really is. The latest franchise in Ubisoft is perfecting the series’ hobby of chaos, but the fight against Castillo is far from the only civil war taking place here. Far Cry 6 is also at odds with itself.

Far Cry 6 starts with a shot, or more precisely with hundreds of them. Government troops raided a medium-sized city on the main island of Yara, apparently hunting rebels, but in fact capturing dissidents and outcasts as labor supplies for Anton Castilla’s labor camps.

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