Far Cry 5 Arcade’s best maps: PUBG, Battlefield, Resident Evil 7, and more

Top maps Far Cry 5 Arcade: PUBG, Battlefield, Resident Evil 7 and more

Far Cry 5 is a large sport stuffed with locations to discover, folks to shoot and mountain ranges to go well with. The large open world, totally playable in cooperation for Ubisoft, was merely not sufficient, so the developer discovered it acceptable so as to add Far Cry Arcade to the combination as properly.

What is Far Cry Arcade?

Far Cry Arcade is a set of instruments that enables gamers to create their very own ranges of Far Cry 5 in a sturdy modifying set. Not solely can you utilize all of the belongings from the sport, however the editor additionally accommodates objects from different Ubisoft games, resembling Watch Dogs 2 and Assassin’s Creed Origins. You can use the instrument to create deathmatch maps, cooperation missions and even single participant duties.

Far Cry Arcade best maps

This sport was not launched for lengthy, however the group has already immersed itself and created loads of creative authentic maps in addition to tributes to different games. Here are a number of the best.

Far Cry Arcade Upside Down map

Upside Down is an exploratory map throughout the Far Cry Arcade. It accommodates no correct NPCs, only a unusual animal, some dummies and a sense of restlessness. In it, you stroll via a dream scene full of clocks and stroll round a home that doesn’t observe the legal guidelines of physics. Watch the video above.

Far Cry Arcade Nuketown

Someone created the favored Call of Duty Nuketown map as a part of the Far Cry Arcade. In it you need to clear the map of 11 enemies of NPCs. Watch the video above through which an individual chooses the burden of “Attack” earlier than sneaking up like a coward.

Far Cry Arcade Noshahr Channels

If COD is not your factor, this enjoyable Noshahr Canals Battlefield 3 map can scratch you. In the video above, you’ll be able to watch your individual workforce deathmatch, which takes place on battlefields constructed to measure.

Far Cry Arcade Resident Evil 7


There is not any gameplay right here, but it surely’s one of many best recreation of another sport I’ve seen in Far Cry Arcade to date. You cannot go inside, however somebody remade the opening of Resident Evil 7, a gradual stroll towards Baker House, with Far Cry 5 mapping instruments. Watch it above.

Far Cry Arcade PUBG

It’s a begin, so a number of the creations in Far Cry Arcade aren’t the best. This map reveals you an instance of what’s going to inevitably occur very quickly: somebody will create an awesome clone of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. To see what it will likely be like, check out the map above.

We will replace this checklist when different good candidates are launched. Connect us within the feedback, if you happen to see any. Still have not completed it? Read our assessment of Far Cry 5.

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