Every Among Us character, ranked by popularity

Colors between us

Picture via Innersloth

Ever since people played Among Us, players have been thinking about what these little Crewmates are doing. What is their mission? And why do fraudsters always show that they not only hinder their progress, but directly kill these cute beans? While the tradition of Among Us remains a mystery, the players very quickly imprinted several characters between us, whether they related to their color scheme or some other aspect. Even better, players began to fanart their own “Crewsons,” creating their own characters and the main canon for the Among Us tradition.

Months before adding a few new colors to the Among Us group, Innersloth released data on her own findings of the most popular colors selected by players. With several Twitter responses from Innersloth filling in the gaps, we determined the popularity ranking of the original colors.

Among us, the original colors, sorted by popularity

  1. Red
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Turquoise
  5. Yellow
  6. Blue
  7. Pink
  8. Purple
  9. orange
  10. Lime
  11. Brown
  12. Green

Between us new colors, no markings

With new colors to choose from and a maximum player limit of 15 players, there are more opportunities for players to fight for which colors they want to use. Some colors, such as Rose, have already grown in popularity, but as players keep coming across these new characters, it’s hard to say where they fit with the older colors so far.

  • Maroon
  • Roses
  • Banana
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • Coral

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