Epic Games doesn’t want to repeat the Metro Exodus incident

Epic games don’t want to repeat the Metro Exodus incident

Epic Games indicators unique provides for its PC retailer left and proper, however one in every of them stood out the most.

This is, in fact, the state of affairs of Metro Exodus. In case you are not acquainted, Metro Exodus was accessible on the market on Steam for a number of months earlier than being abruptly eliminated in favor of an unique launch at Epic Games.

Many individuals who anticipated to purchase the recreation on Steam remained chilly, though the writer of Deep Silver honored present pre-orders. At GDC this week, Epic was requested about the entire state of affairs.

“We never want to do that again,” stated Epic Games retailer supervisor Steve Allison PC Gamer.

“We talked to those guys for a few months and they made some decisions at the end – it’s not a bus throw, it’s just the timing of where it met and what was important to their business – we decided to do it together, both of them. we knew there was potential for something to happen when it came to communication. ”

Allison added that it ended up “larger than we thought,” and she felt worse. “We hung out speaking …” We will never do it this way again, “he added.

“And I don’t think we’re in a situation where this could happen now, because we’re living now and we have a time perspective and we can work with everyone … We have a case study that says ‘maybe we should decide sooner,’ and we will do it. “

With that in thoughts, Allison revealed that Epic won’t make these unique provides eternally.

As the Metro Exodus, Epic has continued to signal unique merchandise and just lately introduced a brand new line of high-end games to be launched this 12 months.

Some of those games had Steam websites, however none of them have been accessible on the market earlier than they determined to soar on the ship. At least in the case of Metro Exodus, the settlement helped launch gross sales.

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