Don’t worry, a fix for Destiny 2’s bugged Eyes of Tomorrow is coming this week

Don’t worry, a bug fix for Eyes of Tomorrow from Destiny 2 is coming this week

Destiny 2exotic rocket launcher, The eyes of tomorrow, has been eavesdropped for some time, but Deep Stone Crypt Raid the reward is finally corrected in the incoming update.

The rate of decline and damage to Destiny 2’s latest exotic operation, Eyes of Tomorrow, has been confirmed to be incorrect, and the Destiny 2 Bungie developer has promised that a fix will arrive for the weapon in the update March 23

In studio last blog post, the developer explains that the counter, which is designed to give you a weapon after you have sufficiently cleaned the Raid, did not work properly. Result? People didn’t get a rocket launcher when they were supposed to be.

“We mistakenly applied this bug to a system that stores data only per character,” Bungie notes in a blog post. “As a result, each character had individual protection.” That would be fine, but only the first character you raided each week would add to their protection count. If not fixed, it would take up to three times longer to see the benefits of bad luck protection for people attacking different characters each week. “

“After this fix, Exotic is guaranteed to fall in the next few months if you attack every week,” Bungie concludes.

This is not the first time this weapon has been the subject of controversy: last month, the studio admitted that its damage also did not work properly. “We found that a modifier was misplaced on the weapon that reduced its damage to ‘miniboss’ fighters, such as the bosses you find in the Lost Sector,” Bungie explained.

We hope that with this new patch, Bungie has finally returned a powerful exotic weapon to its legal status. Things have been complicated for Destiny 2 lately; just last week, Bungie had to pull the Trials of Osiris offline after an uncontrollable match in mode.

If you are looking to complete some of Destiny 2’s latest seasonal challenges, you can check out our guide at the link.

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