Don’t expect to see Final Fantasy 16 at Tokyo Game Show 2021

Don’t expect to see Final Fantasy 16 at the Tokyo Game Show 2021

If you were hoping you would see it Final Fantasy 16 on Tokyo Game Show We have bad news for you later this year: it looks like Square Enix won’t be ready to show it.

During a special live broadcast on Final Fantasy 14 on Friday, Naoki Yoshida – director of Final Fantasy 14 and producer of Final Fantasy 16 – explained that the developer would like to show more of the upcoming game at the Tokyo Game Show, but will probably not be able to meet development deadlines. Aitai Kimochi and Siliconera).

“We really want to show something at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, but we probably can’t do that term … we definitely want to show it, but it’s not better if we do, can you play it right after?

“Personally, I don’t like releasing small pieces of information that accompany people.” I talked about it with team and director Takai-san. We want to reveal something where people say, “I want to play it now! Let it go now! ‘And we can answer, “Sure, here you go!”

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Held from September 30 to October 3, the show was often a key event for Japanese developers looking to showcase their new games. But with Covid-19 affecting development around the world and delaying many projects, it’s no surprise that Final Fantasy 16 will also be affected.

However, Square Enix obviously wants to show off the game. However, employees are not happy with the game being displayed again until it reaches a certain level of quality.

“I know that as a company, they want us to at least show it on TGS,” Yoshida said. “Development is going well.” It is quite difficult to ensure quality. We want the next announcement to be something where everyone says, “I’m going to buy this game!” We’re working hard to ensure high quality. “

So don’t expect to see the game much later this year. Yoshida’s slow and steady approach is no surprise; in february, we heard that Square Enix was deliberately delaying the news of Final Fantasy 16

Since September 2020, we’ve seen the trailer unveiled at Final Fantasy 16, and since then, Square Enix has been virtually anything for the title.

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