Does Super Animal Royale have cross-progression saves?

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While we fully value the cross-play feature, we are big supporters of cross-progression save. The ability to take stored content with you on any platform you play is such a fantastic feature that is part of cross-platform games that we believe it should be supported by any game that appears on more than one platform. Super Animal Royale was originally exclusive to Steam, but over time it found its way to consoles, starting with the Xbox. Does this hairy battle support the royal cross process?

We are pleased to inform you that Super Animal Royale has features across progressions and stores on all platforms on which you can play. The first time you start the game, a welcome screen appears asking if you want to create or log in to your Super Animal Royale account.

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If you’ve created an account before, be sure to use the same email and password you used on the first platform, and all of your stats and cosmetics you’ve received will automatically go to the new platform with you. The next time you run the game on another platform, everything will be added automatically. If you are not playing on a new console, you do not need to log in again.

If for any reason you need to disconnect your account from the platform, pull out the menu sidebar on the main screen and select Account. You will be redirected back to the title screen, where you will be asked if you want to unlink your account. From here, you can sign in to another account.

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