Does Rainbow Six Extraction have crossplay?

Rainbow Six 6 Extraction

Image of Ubisoft

Ubisoft released a teaser for Rainbow Six Extraction before preparing for E3 and it seemed like an interesting new way to get tactically into the world of Rainbow Six. Ubisoft gave us even more information during their E3 event, Ubisoft Forward, and we learned that it will have full crossplay on all available platforms.

Rainbow Six Extraction is due out on September 16, 2021 for Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia and Luna. In addition to the icons on the platform, there was also the Ubisoft + icon, which means that the game could be either freely available for some time or permanently for subscribers to the Ubisoft PC subscription service.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be introduced to operators from the Rainbow Six Siege, where three players will work together to stay alive and keep the threat of evolving alien parasites in check while collecting prey and waiting for mining. Extraction does not replace Siege either; this is another PvE game that will co-exist with Ubisoft’s PvP tactical experience, which will continue to grow and receive updates.

This game was formerly called Rainbow Six Quarantine and started as a time-limited mode in Rainbow Six Siege. This mode was really popular with gamers, which pushed Ubisoft to expand the mode to full play. It’s nice to see companies listen to player feedback. Maybe sometimes we will see the traditional game Splinter Cell.

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