Does New World have mounts?

Image via Amazon Game Studios

New World is a concept of the MMORPG genre by Amazon Game Studios. The open world of the game has a lot to offer and players who indulge in it will have something to do. There are several game modes available in the New World, and players will always be able to try something different.

One of the main functions that one would expect in a game is the possibility of assembly. However, there is no such function in the New World yet. According to Game director Scot Lane“The whole area of ​​the New World is simply not big enough and does not guarantee the assembly function. In addition, we are unlikely to add this feature to the game in the near future.

The new world is still in beta, so over time we can expect a lot of new features. In addition to the assembly function, we can expect other locations, characters, tasks and improved level restrictions in the future, but not in the foreseeable future. In particular, increasing the maximum level limit will ensure that players have a reason to continue playing. The current maximum level limit in the game is only 60, which players should be able to achieve by consistently playing.

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