Does Going Medieval have multiplayer?

Image via Foxy Voxel

Going Medieval is a fun piece of a colony builder, where you will take care of several villagers who are trying to build a small town and survive on their own. You are expected to harvest barley, gather food, explore new technologies, and deal with harsh environments. While having a friend by your side is important and will help you stay longer, Going Medieval will not be a game you jump into with your friends to survive together.

Going Medieval is in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games store, and the game doesn’t have a multiplayer feature at this time. If a multiplayer feature were to be added, it could be through mods, if supported, or by Foxy Voxel developers listed on their game plan. It doesn’t look like the team intends to create a multiplayer feature, and they haven’t announced if they plan to devote resources to making it a reality.

You should not expect to find multiplayer in the future of Going Medieval until explicitly stated otherwise. There is doubt that a multiplayer feature will be added, but things may change depending on the popularity of the game. It is not yet and we will update this article if the developers at Foxy Voxel change their minds and potentially adjust their plan.

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