Does Back 4 Blood have PvP?

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive

Back 4 Blood brings back so many feelings and memories that long-time Left 4 Dead fans had. From fighting many common and special infected enemies to working together as a team to ensure everyone’s survival, this game is essentially the next step in a popular series of cooperative shooters. We’ve seen countless examples of how the game attracts the feeling of playing through many levels of PvE and game modes, but is there anything for a more competitive crowd? Does Back 4 Blood Have PvP?

Longtime fans of Versus Left 4 Dead will be happy that Back 4 Blood has a very similar PvP game mode called Swarm Mode. As he plays, a team of four Cleaners will play against another team of four people controlled by Ridden. The cleaners try to go through the level as usual, while Ridden tries to take them off before they reach the safer zoom. If the mode is like Versus, the teams will swap sides in each round and see who gets the farthest in that level.

In the Ridden team, players will specifically play as a large special infected. You will always be able to see the outlines of the Cleaners, while the colors will coordinate their health at a given moment. When you die as Ridden, you enter a recovery phase that randomly assigns you a new special infected who will play for and access this monster’s unique abilities to shoot down your opponent’s team.

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