Dodo-King of the Sea: Lying in Wait – Genshin Impact guide

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For Act 3 of Midsummer Island’s Adventures, players will need to return to Pudding Isle between 06:00 and 08:00. Players can change the time of day in their main game menu using the clock icon on the left. There will be a cutscene where the party will meet again and Barbara will tell you that the islands are changing again.

The party goes to investigate the island north of Pudding Isle, and discovers that Kaeya and Diluc have arrived on the Golden Apple Archipelago. Albedo and Razor went with them, but they wandered somewhere.

Players will have to go to Twinning Isle and look for Albedo. When you discover Albed, you will find that Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo and Razor also received a letter from King Dodo. Everyone’s letter was aimed specifically at them and was designed to take them to the island.

After that, players will have to visit a central platform where a strange Inazuman boss can be found. Razor asks you to put a rare part in the boss and he comes to life. You will have to defeat him and then the task will continue. The boss throws away some strange crystals. The clues will be given for a “southwest island” that players will have to explore. Players also get three pale crystals.

Head exactly to the waypoint on the southwest island to continue your search, and walk straight along the cutscene to the beach to three strange facilities. Players will have to aim at another waypoint and put the crystals they found in the sea. Nothing will happen and players will have to wait for the next story to move on.

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