DLSS is causing your aim to be off in Warzone – report

DLSS causes your target to be turned off in Warzone – reporting

The DLSS is reportedly missing your target in Warzone.

The DLSS has only recently arrived Call of Duty: Warzone. It works just like everywhere else: it offers players a higher frame rate for image quality almost identical to native resolution.

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Like other games, Warzone’s DLSS implementation allows players to choose from a variety of quality presets that are designed to suit a wide range of PC specifications and resolution / frame rate goals. However, you may want to stick to the native resolution as a new message from YouTuber JGOD shows that the DLSS will cause your missiles to hit a little off where they should.

In his video above, JGOD demonstrates this with various optics – long and medium range – on various weapons. The process is simple: JGOD heads for the target and runs to see if the bullet lands where the center of the crosshairs was aimed.

This experiment shows that the DLSS causes the sights to still be a little misaligned because the bullet lands to the right of where it should be. It mainly starts with the balanced quality of DLSS and, surprisingly, the higher the quality, the worse. The effect is much more pronounced in quality – the highest setting for DLSS.

Although the effect appears to be minimal, it is likely to be more pronounced the further you get from your goal. In Warzone, players often have to remember to drop a bullet and compensate for hitting moving targets. If you think your intervention was accurate, a slight deviation could destroy it.

If you missed it, a special Warzone and Black Ops Cold War event begins tomorrow, bringing the Rambo and Nakatomi Plaza skins into play. In addition to its appearance, the event also adds new points of interest to Verdansk, thematically focused on action films from the 1980s.

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