Destiny 2’s transmog really is pretty bad

Transmog Destiny 2 is really bad

Players in Bungie’s first-person shooter Destiny 2 They are getting happier from how badly they are transmog the system has been processed.

Although it was announced, players could find that the Transmog system designed by Destiny 2 is a tangled, dirty mess. Simply put, Armor Synthesis (as it is formally known) is limited, blunt, requires a lot of grinding, and significantly includes the Eververse premium store.

So it’s not ideal. Worse, the devoted guards deciphered that the Synthstrand — the base layer of the three transmog currencies — was clearly limited in time.

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The fact that you can’t do anything in the game to speed up the pace of earning Synthstrand was initially noticed by the r / RaidSecrets poster. Alonie-homie and verified Eurogamer and other reddit users.

Further community research suggests that reaching the transmog limit will take you almost seven days to play the game. “This gives the total time to reach the transmog limit for one character at 53 hours and 20 minutes or 6 days and 16 hours for three characters,” he said. I3igB on reddit. They also show their work and discuss this number in detail on the link – and that time is based on whether you only hunt for chips in combat and ignore all other game activities.

Polygon counts, which means 25 hours of playing time on the clothes you want to synthesize. It’s not good looks (no pun intended) and it’s not going well in the community in general.

What stabs in the eyes of the communityThe thing is that you can pay to speed up the whole process and get around the grind: a single Synthweave template will cost you 300 silver and the package will run 1,000 ($ 10).

Players argue that Bungie deliberately made the grind long and tedious to get players to spend premium currency if they want to convert.

AND brief look on any Destiny community will show you that there are challenges for the developer to recognize this problem, and provide information on what he plans to do to address the anger of players in the future.

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