Destiny 2 Vault of Glass – launch time, contest mode details, World’s First rules

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With the advent of Vault of Glass Raid Destiny 2, all the details of how the new content of the new weekend will be played will appear. Vault of Glass is a returning Raid that has already appeared in the original game. Although the developers have said that there will be some changes, they do not want to make too many dramatic changes to the raid. As such, you can expect it to play in a fairly similar way to the original.

The Vault of Glass will be released on May 22 at 10:00 p.m. At the first start, the competition mode for the first race in the world will be on for 24 hours. Players will need to have 1,300 lights to be at all Capu Power encounters.

Competition mode and the first in the world

  • The meeting limit will be 1300 Power. Players who survive this power will not benefit from it during the competition mode.
  • Deleting a raid with active contest mode is the first step in accessing the new prompt mode in Director.
  • Completing each meeting in this newly unlocked challenge mode and completing a targeted list of triumphs will be as the fireteam crosses the World First finish line.
    • To clear up the guesswork, in challenge mode, your team will wipe out if you do not meet the Triumph conditions during the meeting.

The first Fireteam of 6 to complete the Vault of Glass raid, then complete the Vault of Glass Challenge Mode and declare Tempo’s Edge Triumph to be declared the world’s first Bungie of @Bungie on Twitter after verification by the analytics team.

If Fireteam passed various members during the attempt, the remaining 6 after completing the last meeting of the Challenge activity, where at least one Fireteam member claims that the winning Tempo’s Edge Triumph will be announced and he will be awarded the first Strip World Strip.

Before returning to orbit, the Fireteam must loot the last chest and claim that the triumph or their completion may not be recorded. The team’s official ending will be recorded when it returns to Orbit.

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