Destiny 2 – Tying It All Together quest – how to make an Ornament

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In order for players to properly become familiar with the Transmog system in Destiny 2, they must go through a few relatively simple steps. First, they would have to get in and talk to Ada-1 in her room in the Tower annexe. This is clearly marked on the map by the director.

Then players will have to run around Ada-1 for a while before returning to the tower to talk to her. When they return, players will have to take a step called Tying It All Together, where they will use some Synthweave that Ada gave them to make the Ornament.

This is a bit confusing and without a clear instruction on what to do, so we will discuss it in this guide. Fortunately, it’s quite simple.

Tying everything together

The first thing players will need to do to create an Ornament is open the character screen. Press the appropriate button on the console or computer to display the screen where you usually change your weapons or armor.

At the bottom of this screen, you’ll see a prompt button that takes you to the appearance subscreen.

On the Appearance subscreen, click the new Appearance Customization option in the upper-right corner.

On this new screen, click on any piece of armor you want to appear on the left, click on the Default Ornament button shown above. This will display a list of potential Ornaments. All you have already obtained will be open, while the others will have padlocks that indicate that they are currently locked.

You can hover over any of them and click on the button to spend Synthweave to unlock them, creating an Ornament that you can use on any piece of armor for that part of your body.

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