Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion to be shown off August 24

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen will perform on August 24

Bungie is ready to talk about another expansion of Destiny 2.

Bungie announced it today Destiny 2another big expansion, Witch queen, will be officially unveiled on Tuesday, August 24.

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A few minutes ago, the developer announced the news in an inconspicuous Tweet that included an expansion logo and … nothing else. The times of the event were not shared, nor did Bungie say what was really showing that day.

However, August 24 is considered the start day of the next live season of Destiny 2. Whatever Bungie is waiting for us could lead to the theme / story / setting of the next season of the game.

The Witch Queen is one of two expansions of Destiny 2 that Bungie announced before Beyond Light began more than a year ago. Originally launched later this year, Witch Queen, like all previous releases of Destiny, has since been postponed to early 2022 – which seems to be the case with Bungie’s annual release declining right now.

Next month’s event is likely to reveal the release date of The Witch Queen, along with – probably – much more.

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