Destiny 2 cross-play beta coming next week

Destiny 2 cross-play beta is coming next week

Cross-play will be turned on briefly in Destiny 2 soon.

If you play or watch Destiny 2, you may have seen that cross-play was accidentally turned on last week by running Season of the Splicer.

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Although Bungie kept it for a while, the feature eventually left because it was not ready to run. Now it all seems to have happened, as Bungie works behind the scenes of a cross-play beta test, the details of which were revealed in the developer’s weekly blog.

There will be a beta version of Destiny 2 cross-play May 25 – 27 across all platforms, including the Stadium. However, you will not be able to invite anyone to play on other platforms – there will be specific ones Playlist Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta where a cross game will be available.

This is the only place where matchmaking will be turned on across platforms, and Bungie said the data from those days will be used to test matchmaking. Bungie stressed that you won’t be able to party across platforms except those that automatically create a playlist.

If you complete three strokes in a dedicated playlist, you will receive the Stars Crossed character – a unique reward for participating. Cross-play will officially arrive in season 15 later this year.

If you’re dealing with the recently added and heavily criticized Destiny 2 transmog system, we’ve put together a simple Armor Synthesis guide to help you wrap your head.

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