Death Stranding on PC was a big hit for its publisher

Death Stranding on PC was a big hit for its publishers

Death Stranding was performed quite well by the publisher of 505 Games.

Knitting death was the biggest hit of 505 Games in 2020 and is a game only available on PC through the publisher.

The game produced € 23 million ($ 27 million) between the July release and the end of 2020 (thanks, reset).

And then there was Control. For the year ended December 31, 2020, the game generated € 16 million ($ 19 million). However, the year before, it had generated approximately € 24 million ($ 28.5 million) from its August 2019 release to December.

Other best-selling companies in 2020 included the racing game Assetto Corsa, which brought in EUR 8.9 million (USD 10.5 million) and the title of cyberpunk parkour Ghostrunner earned EUR 6.9 million (USD 8.2 million) for 505.

Speaking of Ghostrunner, 505 Games recently purchased IP for € 5 million ($ 5.9 million)

Digital Bros’, parent company 505, stated in its finances that the best-selling platform was the PC during 2020.

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