Control is free this week on the Epic Games Store

Control is free this week in the Epic Games store

The latest freebie from the Epic Games Store is alive and it’s Remedy’s Control.

Several winners Management is free now on Epic game store until June 17.

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This is just the standard edition of the game, not the Ultimate Edition.

In a supernatural action adventure from a third-person perspective, you play Jesse, who tries to orient himself in a “ever-changing” world full of strange and inexplicable events caused by an extraterrestrial threat.

In the game, you will use a combination of supernatural abilities, adjustable loads and reactive environments to get to the invading enemy.

Here is a brief recapitulation of the story:

The oldest house is a mysterious place of power, the seat of the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret organization secretly embedded in a network of US government agencies.

Jesse Faden comes to seek answers as well as another world force known as Hiss’s attacks and kills the former director of the presidency.

In a mysterious ritual, Jesse is the new director. Jesse, now filled with supernatural abilities and controlling the Director’s transforming service weapon, must take a hiss and take control back.

A Genshin Impact debit is also available at Epic Games this week. To give it a try, we have lots of guides and tips to get you started, and lots of updates on the latest content.

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