Captain Jack Sparrow coming to Sea of Thieves with free update A Pirate’s Life

Captain Jack Sparrow is coming to Sea of ​​Thieves with a free Pirate Life update

In partnership with Rare, Xbox and Disney, Sea of ​​Thieves brings Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean to the game in a free update, Pirate Life.

Free for all players as part of Sea of ​​Thieves Updating season three, which arrives on June 22, Pirate Life takes place during the five Tall Tales.

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After rescuing Captain Jack Sparrow from an “unfortunate situation”, you will uncover adventures with him, meet old and new characters, and confront new enemies: sirens, ghosts, and ocean crawlers.

New places will appear that will be familiar to those who have watched Pirates of the Caribbean.

The main goal is to protect the Sea of ​​Thieves from Jack’s nemesis Davy Jones, and since the release of the Anniversary Update 2019, it has been called the “biggest and bravest update” of the game.

More details about Pirate’s life will be shared before June 22.

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