Can you tame Axolotls in Minecraft?

Axolotls are beneficial animals in Minecraft. These creatures can provide the player with regeneration, an ability that will cause the player to regain his health over time. These creatures use this power whenever they are attacked by something. They pretend to be dead and wait for the creature to leave, and while they wait, Axolotl will slowly regain his health. It’s a useful feature that makes it a valuable animal, but can you tame it?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you’re taming the Axolotly. He will not accept any kind of food from you to gain his trust. All you can do is attach a leash to it or grab it into an observer’s bucket. Apart from these methods, you cannot control the creature as if it were a wolf. However, you can use a bucket of tropical fish and try to raise it. You can also connect one to your wire and bring it to the cage with the water you blocked. These creatures require water. If caught outside the water, they will slowly die on land unless it rains or storms.

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Axolotls are amazing creatures and are relatively rare. If you’re trying to find one in an underwater cave, you want to make sure you have a water bucket or leash in your inventory to catch it before it gets away.

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