Can you save Ashley and Kaidan in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

When the Virmire mission ends in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will need to make a critical decision between returning to protect the nuclear weapon or rescuing Captain Kirrah’s Salarian Special Forces team. Although these are background elections, more emphasis is placed on choosing to rescue Kaidan or Ashley. Because you are the commander, you need to make a clear decision about this moment, and unfortunately there is no way you can choose to save them both.

You have to choose one or the other. What also has implications is the location of this character. For example, if you want to save Ashley and she didn’t go with Captain Kirrah’s team, you leave Kaidan and the Salarian team behind to protect the bomb. However, if you placed Ashley in front of Captain Kirrah before attacking Saren Base, you can decide to save her and the Salarian team and leave Kaidan behind to arm the nuclear weapon and protect her from Geth’s attack on his position.

This is important to keep in mind before you decide to launch an attack on Saren’s base. We strongly recommend placing the character you want to rescue on Captain Kirrah’s team, as he has a chance to reappear in Mass Effect 3 and you will also hear about him in Mass Effect 2. Rescuing Captain Kirrah’s team will give you much more benefits for the rest of the series, rather than just protection. atomic bombs and save the character in this place. Unfortunately, as we noted earlier, there is no way to save both the characters or Captain Kirrah’s team. You have to decide. Anyone you save will see for the rest of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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