Can you catch a shiny Registeel in Pokémon Go? – June 1, 2021

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You can capture many Pokémon in Pokémon Go. These Pokémon often spin out of the game, some becoming available at certain times of the year and others only appearing at special events. Registeel, the legendary Steel Pokémon, has been returning to five-star raids since June 1, and until you try to catch him, he has 17 left to retreat. You can only meet him during five-star raids. Due to its limited availability, everyone will be hunting to capture its shiny appearance.

During these events, Registeel will have its shiny appearance. He returns to the five-star raids, next to Regica and Regirock, at the beginning of the discovery season. It’s the third season of Pokémon Go, a three-month event full of new Pokémon for players to discover, and even more legendary options.

The glossy version of Registeel was originally released in mobile games again for quite some time. Under normal circumstances, unless Niantic allows the legendary Pokémon’s shiny form to be catastrophic during the event, it usually shares this information with the community. The last time it happened was with Genesect, and when it was Burn Drive, which made it a special version. Regardless, the developers made sure the community knew there was no glossy version, and they would do the same for Registeel.

You can catch him on June 1 in any of the five star raids you encounter if he appears. You have until June 17, when a new selection of legendary Pokémon will arrive on Pokémon Go.

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