Can you catch a shiny Galarian Slowpoke in Pokémon Go? – A Very Slow Discovery

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Galarian Slowpoke makes his mobile debut at Very Slow Discovery in Pokémon Go. Galarian Pokémon are unique captures that are usually hard to catch, so you want to add a path to your collection and avoid them. Galarian Slowpoke will only be available in raids, so you can’t expect to meet him while walking around. Although it’s difficult to catch Pokémon, don’t wait to find their shiny version.

Even the ordinary Slowpoke has been in Pokémon Go for years and has its own glossy version; Galarian Slowpoke is considered another Pokémon. Since this is a different Pokémon, it does not have a glossy version in the game and you will not be able to capture one during A Very Slow Discovery. Instead, you only come across the standard version.

Niantic makes a mistake for every new Pokémon that debuts in the game. There are a few rare cases where they do not. But for Galarian Slowpoke, yes. It will be similar to the Galarian Zigzagoon, which got its glossy version during the Luminous Legends Y event at the end of the Legends season in May 2021. The Galarian Zigzagoon was in Pokémon Go for just under a year until its glossy version was released and we can expect the same treatment lähde: Galarian Slowpoke.

The glossy version for Galarian Slowpoke will not be released until sometime in 2022, so we expect its release along with a special event. You can expect to have to fight it in raids to get its shiny version, which is good because Pokémon raids have a much higher chance of being shiny, a chance of one in 20, while standard wilderness Pokémon have a chance of one in 500 to be shiny.

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