Can you catch a shiny Darumaka in Pokémon Go?

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Darumaka is an adorable fiery Pokémon found in Pokémon Go. It evolved into the Darmanitan, a powerful type of Fire that is considered an excellent glass cannon that can be extremely useful in raid battles and is a spicy choice for use in the Ultra or Master League Classic Leagues, the PvP part of Pokémon Go. For the fifth anniversary, Darumaka receives an increased reproduction rate from July 6 to 15, but the glossy version is also released after being in the game for more than a year.

If you want to capture the shiny version of Darumak, you will have your work behind you. Darumaka has an increased incidence in the wild and you can meet it during single star raids. These are the only places you have a chance to come across.

When you place the bait on the Pokéstop, Darumaka does not have an increased spawn, which will increase it for an hour. The best chance to potentially get a glossy version of Darumaka will be a one-star raid challenge. All players have a chance of one in 20 that it will be a glossy version. This is compared to finding in the wild, which is a one in 500 chance. Both are rough, but it’s better in the raid. The problem is that you use a raid pass to capture it.

Once the Pokémon Go’s fifth anniversary event ends, Darumaka will remain shiny. Darumaka occurs as often as an increased incidence and can be found quite often in the wild around the world. It usually occurs in the summer months for the southern and northern hemispheres.

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