Can you catch a shiny Alolan Rattata in Pokémon Go? – Spotlight Hour May 2021

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There are many Pokémon that you can hunt and capture and add to your Pokémon Go collection. Maybe you’re looking for them because you want to catch them for the first time or earn enough sweets to make them stronger and stronger. For some Pokémon, you want to see them more often to potentially meet their shiny version. Alolan Rattata is one of these Pokémon that you may want to meet more often to see your chances of coming across a shiny version of it because it has one.

When you meet Alolan Rattata in the wild, you have a chance to find one of the 450’s shiny versions. It’s not the best chance, but there are ways to increase those chances, such as finding them in Spotlight on May 18, 2021.

From 18:00 to 19:00 in your local time zone, Alolan Rattata will appear more often in the wild during Spotlight. Capturing this Pokémon is much easier. However, it is important to realize this and it does not increase the chance that this Pokémon will be shiny. The only increase is the rate of occurrence, which gives you more attempts at a chance. There is a clear difference between better chances and mere opportunities.

Although Alolan Rattata doesn’t have a better chance of shine, you can try your luck. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to capture a dark-type Pokémon, especially if you’re trying to evolve Pangoro from Pancham.

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