Can Axolotls go on land in Minecraft?

Axolotl colors

Pictures via Mojang

The Water Axolotl in Minecraft is an adorable animal found underwater, hidden in dark caves. You will want to bring a few water-breathing potions to make sure you can spend enough time swimming to find them. Fortunately, they have a distinct chirp that puts their location away, making it a little easier to find.

Although you can’t tame Axolotl, you can handle them in two ways. The first is with lead. When you hold the guide, you will be able to drag it with you and bring it anywhere. The second method is to use a water bucket. While holding the water bucket, communicate with the Axolotl and they will enter the bucket. Then you can carry them everywhere with you, even across the country.

It is important to keep the Axolotl inside water buckets while navigating the mainland, as they cannot survive from the water. If you throw them ashore, they will immediately try to find the nearest source of water. At the same time, they gradually damage each other, and if they do not look for water fast enough, they will die.

You don’t want to take Axolotl out of the water. The only way they can survive is to have them in a bucket of water and you will hold them in your hands or in your inventory. Besides, they won’t survive. If you want to take the Axolotl with you on an adventure or back to your settlement, make sure you have a small source of water that can swim.

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