Call of Duty: Warzone massively reduces Stopping Power drop rate

Call of Duty: Warzone significantly reduces the rate of decrease of braking force

Raven Software drastically changed the rate of decline for field upgrades Stopping force in Call of Duty: Warzone with an update mid-season from this week.

If you are unfamiliar with the Stopping Power feature, the upgrade will allow you to reload your current weapon with stronger rounds, which will cause further damage to anyone unlucky enough to be in your eyes.

Players have been calling for Raven to adjust and balance the upgrade for some time, complaining that he has reduced the already controversial TTK in the game to an honestly trivial level.


“Due to Stopping Power’s effectiveness and lack of counterattack capabilities, we felt that its level of performance was at odds with its availability.” Raven said in an update notes.

“We want to create more scenarios where the measured choice of how and when to use Field Upgrades is not only rewarded, but supported.” There was hardly a wrong way to use Stopping Power – which in our opinion we took from the satisfaction of optimal or strategic use. Our hope of drastically reducing its presence in Warzone is that we will put in place little strategic control. Those who plunder effectively increase their chances of finding it. “

So if you got a good kill thanks to an upgrade on the field, don’t worry – it will still be there … you may have to look a little harder to find it. This update follows on from yesterday’s changes made in the Black Ops Cold War PvP mode, where snipers were drastically balanced based on fan feedback. It’s nice to see that Activision studios have their ears to the ground when it comes to implementing community-led change.

There have also been other major changes to the patch. Perhaps the biggest thing is the suppressive attachment that the Raven team thinks will have “extended effects” on the game as a whole.

“The suppressor now offers you another viable mounting option in the muzzle category with a focus on various statistics.” For example, where the effective extent of damage is a lower priority (eg submachine guns), you would almost certainly suppress it, ”explains Raven. “Or maybe you have more than enough projectile velocity (eg ZRG 20 mm) and you want to increase the weakness in handling.” These are the types of convincing decisions we want to develop further. “

Raven isn’t finished either. The studio outlines an “important adjustment” of the solo battle royal regimes in the “very near future” – we hope that this is a general overhaul of the regime’s meta, which will actually make it an attractive prospect for players again.

The full notes for correction are available at.

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