Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone video gives you a look at Rambo and Nakatomi Plaza

Video Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone will give you a view of Rambo and Nakatomi Plaza

After some teasing last week, Activision released a trailer showing Rambo and Nakatomi Plaza in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

The eighties were inspired Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and also Warzone, acquires a film event from the 1980s with another planned update.

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The latest video, which is teased for this week, shows Rambo in action and also a view of Nakatomi Plaza. You know where “some heroes die hard, others draw the first blood.”

Rambo, of course, does a lot of Rambo stuff, and a shot of Nakatomi Plaza shows some action of crawling vents with a quick flash of a boy inside wearing a dirty tank – which is very similar to John McClane.

At the launch, John McClane will be through the Die Hard package in the Cold War Black Ops and Warzone Store from May 19 to June 18. This includes the legendary operator; finishing stroke; three legendary weapon plans – one tactical rifle, two SMGs and one assault rifle; legendary calling card and sign; epic watch and charm.

In the second week, John Rambo arrives through a package in a store that includes a Legendary Operator; two finishing moves, including one that uses its signature bow and arrow; three Legendary weapon plans – assault rifle, LMG and knife plan; legendary calling card and sign; and epic watches and charm.

Rambo and John McClane are brand new operators; these are not skins for previously released operators.

You can also expect time-limited POIs and a mode featuring Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard, including optional missions that can be completed for game rewards.

Many campsites throughout Verdansk have also been turned into Survival Camps as a tribute to Rambo: First Blood Part 2. Here you can explore eight places for pickups and dog tags that can be spent at the new CIA base in northwestern Verdansk.

At launch, Power Grab will introduce more than 100 operators falling into Verdansk with a smaller circle collapse and five phases that are moving faster than usual and without a Gulag.

You will either revive your teammates with Buy Station, or you will revive them by collecting Dog Dog tags, which will be canceled by the operators after elimination. These can also be found as rewards for completing contracts and in supply fields.

A war bow will also be added to Warzone, which will appear in Verdansk or on the island of Rebirth. You will find other action movie weapons for a limited time in the updated Pool Warzone Ground Item.

New multiplayer maps and game modes are also coming.

At launch, Standoff, a medium-sized 6v6 map, Duga with multiplayer modes and Die Hardpoint, where you will “fight against time” to capture hardpoints and eliminate enemies in the race to gain 200 points or the most points before time runs out .

There is also new content for Zombies Outbreak. Cranked 2: No Time to Crank, you start with a knife, as well as all Mystery Box locations active and complemented by various weapons. Elimination of the first Zombie launches the Cranked Timer. Keep it ticking with each elimination.

You can also fill your secondary weapons category with two new weapons:

  • Baseball Bat: Melee (Launch Week) – Take a big swing with this classic weapon close to Bruiser as you launch zombies and enemy operators with the new Baseball Bat. (Note: Baseball Bat will enter Warzone in season four after “spring practice” in Black Ops Cold War Season Three Reloaded.)
  • AMP63: Pistol (In-Season) – This personal defense weapon is a cross between a self-loading pistol and a fully automatic SMG. Expect high damage in a short time.
    Get AMP63 and Baseball Bat during the third season of Reloaded by completing their game challenges or purchasing a Blueprint version when they appear in the store.

The third season of Reloaded will start on May 20.

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