Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone ’80s Action Heroes event guide – challenges and rewards

Call of Duty likes players when they feel like badasses, and Season Three Reloaded specifically tries to make them feel like the heroes of an 80’s movie. The 80’s Action Heroes for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone have several challenges spread across both games, most of which require players to play time-limited modes themed around Rambo and Hard to die.

There are nine separate challenges for each game, all with their own rewards, and completing all nine challenges for the game will also earn a bonus reward. All rewards will be applicable to both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, with the sole exception of the Robot Tank arcade game, which is only available at Black Ops Cold War barracks. The action of action heroes from the 80’s ends on June 2.

Cold War Challenges Black Ops

Call of Duty Season Three 80s Action Heroes
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  • Welcome to the party, buddy – complete 7 matches in the playlists of action heroes from the 80’s for multiplayer or Zombies (for counting you have to reach the 5th round in Zombies).
    • Reward: Glamor Shot – a rare business card
  • Can we win this time? – Win multiplayer matches in the 80’s Action Heroes playlist or survive until the 15th round in zombies a total of three times.
    • Reward: Robot Tank – Epic Arcade Game (exclusively for the Cold War Black Ops)
  • No Sequel For You – In the playlist of action heroes from the 80’s, you get a total of 100 knockouts in multiplayer or Slaughter medals in zombies.
    • Reward: Apex Gator Watch – Epic Accessories
  • How do you like your ribs? – Earn 25 Have A Blast in multiplayer or zombies! Medal for killing with explosives.
    • Reward: Shoulder fire – a rare sticker
  • War you won’t believe – earn 25 in multiplayer or zombies Become war medals using automatic weapons.
    • Reward: Blasting Heat – epic business card
  • Your worst nightmare – earn 25 Light Em Up medals in multiplayer or zombies using a death machine.
    • Reward: Summer Palm – epic charm
  • My Hunting Knife – Earn 25 in Multiplayer or Zombie 25 These are personal medals when using melee weapons.
    • Reward: The main character – a rare sticker
  • Ain’t Got Time to Bleed – Get 3 kills without dying in multiplayer, or earn Jackrabbit medals in zombies a total of 10 times.
    • Reward: Purple Fury – a rare character
  • Stick Around – Earn 10 chopped medals in multiplayer or zombies using Tomahawk.
    • Reward: Steve – Epic magic

The reward for meeting all nine challenges is the Flamebearer Epic Weapon Blueprint for DMR (Tactical Rifle Delta).

Warzone Challenges

Call of Duty Season Three 80s Action Heroes
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  • Drew First Blood – In Warzone, you gain First Blood by being the first member of your team to get killed.
    • Reward: Comic Savior – epic business card
  • Yippee Ki Yay – In Warzone, you get 15 kills with explosive weapons or deadly gear.
    • Reward: Bomb! – A rare spell
  • No tags behind – collect 50 dog tags in Warzone Power Grab.
    • Reward: Space Traveler – Character
  • Get on Chopp! – In Warzone Power Grab you get to the last circle 5 times.
    • Reward: Proper adhesion – a rare sticker
  • Join forces, a few laughs – In Warzone, destroy 25 enemy agents during a public Arms Deal.
    • Reward: Player One – an epic calling card
  • Happy Trails – In Warzone, survive the jump to the ground from the top of the Nakatomi tower.
    • Reward: Blaaarrghhh – epic character
  • Enemy Takeover – Complete any of the three side missions in the Nakatomi Tower in Warzone.
    • Reward: Paid Phone – A Rare Charm
  • Mission Completed – Collect 3 Rambo POW Dog Tags in Warzone.
    • Reward: Promotional package – a rare calling card
  • The Mind is the Best Weapon – In Warzone you get 3 kills with Combat Bow Killstreak.
    • Reward: Chaotic – a rare sticker

The reward for meeting all nine challenges is the Ignition Epic Weapon Blueprint for Pellington 703 (Sniper Rifle Alpha).

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