Bungie’s new IP may be a multiplayer character action game

The new IP Bungie can be a multiplayer action game

Bungie has released a new job list that seems to indicate that its next non-Destiny IP will be a multiplayer action game that is still in its early stages of development.

Destiny developer Bungie posted a job advertisement for “incubation sandbox designers” for his new “multiplayer action game currently in incubation”, which sheds some light on what the developer is working on (thanks, Destiny + news).

The list of posts requires that all potential candidates be “[experienced in] work on character-focused action games “and”[familiar] with a competitive gaming environment / sports ”.

In addition, the developer asks if potential job candidates think about how teams work in competitive games over anything else, and invites candidates to be excited about how mechanics can come together to create engaging gameplay moments.

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“Do you spend time thinking about how different game mechanics can come together to create amazing moments of team play?” asks for ads. “Are you excited to learn how to make a game that takes great care of the player’s intent, sense of action and readability?”

It certainly sounds like the developer is working on something more than Bleeding Edge, Overwatch or Valorant, rather than on Destiny-like experiences.

But unlike the second pair of these titles, we seem to focus more on action and less on shooting. Whether tied up, Bungie’s previously teased mood game with prey, which may or may not be called Matter, remains to be seen.

We know that Bungie is expanding massively: the developer plans to open a new office in Amsterdam in 2022 to serve as the studio’s publishing and marketing center, and its growing office in Washington, Bellevue, “will support more project teams, including those outside Space.” destiny “in the future.

This work seems to be associated with one of those mysterious titles other than Destiny.

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