Bug montages the first to leak from CD Projekt’s stolen data

Bug assembly first leaked from stolen Project CD data

Leaks from Project CD data breaches have begun and more are likely to be on the way.

Looks like the hackers weren’t bluffing. They all moved from CD ProjectThe main hacker ransomware from the beginning of the year, when it was believed that the nightmare ended after a mysterious buyer obtained all the data worth millions, on the condition that the data would not be shared afterwards.

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Last week, however, a group of hackers claimed to have access to the same stolen data and organized a collection to help buyers donate $ 10,000 to obtain passwords that would allow them to access various archives. Initial reports indicated that some of these archives were already in the wild, and others appeared over the weekend.

So far, a number of videos from development versions of the game have appeared. Rather, it is a compilation of bugs and defects created by CD Projekt Red and probably intended for internal use only.

Many of these assemblies can be watched on Reddit, but the links may be lost later if the developer chooses to submit a DMCA. In a deleted Tweet (via Tom Warren), the producer of the game, Slavka Lukyanenko, confirmed that the videos were created by the QA studio team during development.

Still, they are quite harmless, but you can understand why Project Red CD didn’t want them, given the state of the faulty game at startup, a problem that the studio continues to work on to address a number of major fixes.

With this in mind, if casual users have access to these items, it is not known whether they could also escape larger, potentially harmful material.

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