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The expansion of the Golden Apple archipelago means that players have all the new tasks, missions and puzzles at their disposal. One of them involves tracing five different murals in The Other Side of the Isle and Sea, but interestingly, these murals may have their own secrets.

The mural on Broken Isles actually gives players the answer to a puzzle that involves a whole group of islands, and in this guide we’ll show you how to solve it. The best way to do this puzzle is to take the time, it can be a little confusing and you won’t want to make any mistakes, or there will be many concessions.

Broken Isle mural solution

The first step to solving any puzzle is to give each area a label. As you can see, all pools have been given unique names and water levels are from level 1 to level 3, with 1 being the lowest water level in each pool and three being the highest level in each pool. In this way, it becomes a simple matter of listing what each place should be. Below are also individual screenshots of the level at which each fund should be to help everyone who wants them.

Each pool has two flat stones nearby, on which you can stand. One of them raises the water level, the other lowers the level. Use them to get the water to the right level.

  • Intermediate level 1
  • Left 1 – level 2
  • Left 2 – level 3
  • Right 1 – level 1
  • LAW 2 – level 2

Intermediate level 1

Left 1 – level 2

Left 2 – level 3

Right 1 – level 1

Right 2 – level 2

Then players will have to go to the point indicated below by the player’s indicator and stand in front of five pillars. There are another five pressure plates, on which it will be necessary to stand in a certain order.

The order of standing on the boards is basically marked by scratches on each post, but to make it easier for you, we have the image below showing the exact order.

Once you all stand on them in the correct order, you will see three chests that you can loot, and that is the end of the puzzle.

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