Borderlands 3 cross-play is being blocked on PlayStation consoles

Borderlands 3 cross-play is blocked on PlayStation consoles

Cross-play comes at some point on Borderlands 3, but not for the PS4 or PS5.

That’s according to Gearbox President and CEO Randy Pitchford, who said he had 2K Games Borders 3 the team will remove cross-play support for PlayStation.

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According to Pitchford, this seems to have something to do with certification purposes.

This means that cross-play will only be available on other platforms where Borderlands 3 is available.

Pitchford did not provide further details.

In this case, Sony doesn’t seem to be doing that at the moment, at least according to what Pitchford said. Cross-play is one of the things Sony didn’t care about, and initially blocked PlayStation owners from playing games with others on other platforms.

Sony eventually enabled cross-play, and since then a number of multiplayer games have been launched with this feature on all platforms, including PlayStation.

However, how Polygon notes that it is possible that Sony is charging companies for the ability to use cross-play in their systems. These are court documents in the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit, which suggest that Epic Games has paid Sony the privilege of bringing Fortnite cross-play. If Sony actually charges cross-play companies, 2K may have decided it doesn’t want to pay.

But since Pitchdford did not find out the specific situation, it is only speculation at the moment.

This game is currently available on Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Stage, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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