Boomerang X: How to beat the Poisoned Well level

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Boomerang X is a durable first-person platform / shooter hybrid that will require your maximum attention. The level of a poisoned well pierces you with seven difficult waves of waves. Here’s how you can beat these ink-stained creatures.

You should know that

To succeed at this level, you must know all the moves you have gained so far. Slowing down time is key because you have to get to these accurate shots in a fraction of a second. Boomerang zooming from place to place is also important because you need to get to higher platforms. The combination of both of these game mechanisms will help you overcome the annoyed level.

General strategy

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The waves start with a toad that jumps up and down. To beat her, you’ll have to shoot both her red spots on her back and abdomen. With the ability to deform, jump over the toad and hit the mark. Then wait for it to jump into the air while you are on the ground. Get under his stomach and you will see his next weakness. You may need to slow down time at this time. It disappears after these two strikes.

The toad also removes some toxic sludge. Be sure to pause left or right several times to avoid this devastating attack.

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As you pull toads almost every round, watch out for flying enemies around you. When they are close, the screen will have a black border. This is a sign that you are either running or slowing down and teleporting away.

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As the rounds continue, more ground enemies will appear. They drill on the ground and move quickly, so it’s best to keep your distance. We have found that it is safer to stay in the air or on higher platforms and remove them from this position. If you can line up the victims of your boomerang, you get a scattershot that can eliminate most of them at once.

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In the last waves, these annoying enemies will see some flies that will provide a protective shield for their protective shields. First, remove them to get rid of the white shields, and follow the same strategy as before.

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