Best ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 has a lot to offer players today. Launched in 2012, ArenaNet continues to support it with new enhancements and updates throughout its lifecycle. However, if you want to get involved in any of this content, especially in cosmetics, new items and holders, you will need enough gold. Making this gold can be difficult, especially for newer players. If you need some pointers in the right direction, we’ve gathered some of the best ways to make gold below.

Playing Trading Post

Image via ArenaNet

Like many MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 has its own gaming auction house. Here you can buy and sell items to make a profit. One of the popular methods is the sale of all necessary handicraft materials. This will often help build a nice nest to help you with other options.

Once you have some gold to play with, you can start working on the Trading Post and make even more profits. Like stock trading in real life, buying low and high sales requires a lot of work and a thorough understanding of the market. However, if you succeed, it’s a great way to earn a lot of gold.

Daily work

Every day you can add content in the game that will give you gold. The simplest are probably three daily achievements, which you can complete every day for two gold. You can also travel to various farms around the world and pick up new craft materials. For a complete list of all permanent nodes, see page this database on GW2 Efficiency.

In addition to these daily tasks, you can use these materials to make new items that you can sell on the Trading Post. Also, if you earn excess currency (think about Spirit Shards, Karma, etc.), you can convert it to gold to help you get this daily support.

Maps and dungeons

Finally, another way to build a wallet is to join some group content. For example, taking over the bosses of Silverwastes, Fractals or Raid / World for new equipment and gold production options. However, these methods have been somewhat overshadowed by recent events on the META map.

These were introduced with the Living Worlds update and provide players with a great way to earn new rewards. If you manage to put together a group that will quickly increase your participation points, you can run them very efficiently. The result will be lots of loot that contains items that you can easily sell on the Trading Post.

Of course, these are just a few of the best ways to earn gold in Guild Wars 2. Especially if you’re a newer player, following these tips should help you get on the right track quickly.

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