Best way to farm metal in Ark: Survival Evolved

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Metal is very useful in Ark because it is necessary to create some basic and useful items, such as armor for protection and metal ingots to make tools, weapons and structures. The metal yields that are most worth pursuing often occur in more dangerous areas, so it’s best to be efficient at working with metals. Unnecessarily recovering or collecting small amounts can often put you at high risk without high rewards. But if you are ready and properly equipped, you will be able to secure certain high metal yields without much difficulty.

Head for high-yield stones

The first thing you need to remember is to look for high returns by looking for the right deposits. Metal is mined from rocks, and although you can get it from normal rocks, they usually don’t have much of it. Look for stones that are either smoother or have a golden shimmer. These usually give you a much larger amount of metal.

Use the Metal Picker tool

Craft Metal Pick tools because they provide more metal on the rock than a standard Stone Pick. This will allow you to get a higher collection of metals faster.

Use Ankylosaurus as your mining truck

It wouldn’t be Ark: Survival has evolved without dinosaurs and can help make farming much easier. Ankylosaurus is not particularly fast, but it can hold a lot of resources. It is best to fly to a metal-rich area with Karkinos, Quetzal or Argentavis. These flying dinosaurs can pick up your Ankylosaur, so you don’t have to travel all the way on foot. He is a good swimmer, so you can save some time after landing if you keep the metal close to the water. There are other dinosaurs that can carry a lot of weight, but Ankylosaurus has an 85 percent weight loss bonus, which makes dina a fairly capable agricultural partner.

Farm efficiently – or not

When it comes to agriculture, some players prefer to do it here and there, while others prefer agricultural sessions that meet their resource needs for some time. It’s all about finding what best suits your style of play.

You can further increase the fun and efficiency of playing with a friend and choose the best map to play with together to maximize your resource adventure.

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