Best video game music cover artists on YouTube

Screenshot via FamilyJules YouTube and AlexMoukalaMusic YouTube

Finding some of the best music games for video games is a great accompaniment to study or training, and these five cover performers have covered you.

Alex Moukala

Music producer and composer Alex Moukala continues to turn and bend our expectations as he brings the banger after the bang. His recent funky cover of Hades’ soundtrack brings a groovy rhythm that makes it impossible to sit still. Whenever he releases a new song, he embraces the original melody of the video game and takes it to the next level. This month, Moukala brought a cool lo-fi remix of some of the most remarkable Nier Automata songs that you could easily study with. He also analyzes popular video game tunes and also makes them strangely using the Mario Kart version of Bloodborne’s “Gehrman, the first hunter.”


FamilyJules brings excellent metal processing of your favorite soundtracks to video games with each video. He has amazing guitar skills after ten years of covering the latest VGM songs and classics. While his compositions have a metal edge, his compositions are noble. One example could be his cover of “Fodlan Winds” from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, in which he breaks the metal action with a smooth solo of acoustic guitar and then plunges back into the rocking melody. Create a playlist from his songs, schedule a workout and thank us later.


While Alex Moukala and FamilyJules provide funk and metal iterations of beloved songs, Insaneintherainmusic brings a jazz touch. It strikes the perfect balance between staying true to the original song and adding your own wonderful flavors to the song. His style has a moody nature and evokes a smile on his face. In addition, his wind and piano solos are truly exciting, as he takes you on an unexpected journey into musical bliss. He often collaborates with other talented musicians, such as FamilyJules, and has a wide range of instruments to choose from, so his music never gets tired.

Tee Lopes

While we’d like to be more active on YouTube, Tee Lopes is simply one of the best on the platform when it comes to video game music packaging. In fact, he is so talented that he is the composer of the beloved Sonic Mania soundtrack. What he’s so good at is bringing back old school songs from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras to a new age with uplifting rhythms and instruments. His version of “Corneria” alongside Andy Gillion is exciting and brings the flavor that is required of this song, with amazing drum and guitar work. You must also listen to his funky 90th edition of “KK Crusin ‘” by Animal Crossing, which he performed with Funk Fiction. He brings the same attention and energy to every song he has worked on so far.

Lacey Johnson

Last but not least is Lacey Johnson, who is criminalized for the music she releases almost every two weeks. It offers a unique keychain sound and provides a punk rock flair to many video game tracks. If you’re a fan of Persona, she also let you include some star versions of “Reach Out To The Truth,” “Time To Make History,” and “You Are Stronger.” You will love it when it takes on these unforgettable songs with solid vocals, amazing soloists and guitar rockers.

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