Best places to rob in GTA 5

Sometimes you need quick cash or you want to have fun in some crime. Both reasons are a pretty good excuse to go steal a shop at Grand Theft Auto 5. You won’t be cleaning up huge amounts of cash, but you can make a steady income for your characters that can get you through some lean times.

In this guide we will show you the best places to rob at Grand Theft Auto 5, but remember that you will have to avoid all the cops yourself. And remember that if you switch characters, you should be able to rob the same place several times, remember that the cops will come if you need to rob it when the clerk is there.

Place No. 1

Image via Map Genie

A supermarket on the Senora Highway, Mount Chiliad will have two checkouts that will give $ 950.

Place No. 2

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The supermarket on Barbareno Road, Chumash, will have two registries that will give $ 1,100.

Place No. 3

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A supermarket on the Palomino highway in the Tatava Mountains will give $ 1,050.

Place No. 4

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Limited gasoline LTD on Tongva Drive, Banham Canyon will give $ 1200.

Place No. 5

Image via Map Genie

Limited LTD Gasoline on Grove Street, Davis will give $ 1,000.

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