Best multiplayer games for PS5

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The PS5, although a relatively young console, already has a choice of multiplayer treasures. From platforms like Sackboy: A Big Adventure to Call of Duty: Warzone, there are plenty of online and sometimes offline goodies on offer with the PS5.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Genesis collection event update
Image of Respawn Entertainment.

There is a lot of competition in the battle royal space, but Apex Legends somehow carved out his own piece of cake when he came out for free on PS4 and now PS5. Thanks to fast actions, thanks to the Titanfall 2 engine, you will need a fraction of a second to succeed in Apex Legends. It’s in that sweet spot between Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, which has crazy weapons and sci-fi power ups, but also offers solid first-person shooter gameplay. Each weapon feels great to use, and as you navigate the map, you’ll get improvements like a larger magazine or a new range. It is constantly updated to this day, so join the event and play some Apex legends.

Borders 3

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The latest item Gearbox Software in its series of looter shooters Borderlands 3 looks absolutely amazing on the PS5 and is a visual delight for those who have 4K screens or monitors. The overall shaded graphic style really appears on the screen when you endlessly shoot villains for prey. It’s a game loop we’ve all played before, but Gearbox has this system on the tee with interesting random weapons that you can pick up and special abilities that your grandmother certainly wouldn’t approve of. She also wouldn’t approve of the hilarious, if not immature script and the strange characters you’ll meet along the way. It includes full online collaboration and split-screen collaboration, a feature that many other games must learn. Sadly, it doesn’t have crossplay with Xbox and PC versions of the game. Borderlands 3 is often on sale and is available to PlayStation Now subscribers at the time of writing.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Image via Activision

The highest standard for first-person shooters from Activision is the popular Battle Royale title called Call of Duty: Warzone. Like others of its genre, it sends a large number of people to the island and the last team survives. Call of Duty: Warzone, which everyone can play on PlayStation systems, offers its accurate and satisfying shooting to players who feel confident enough to accommodate up to 150 people, depending on the mode. Its tactical gameplay and strong emphasis on sound design are better in Warzone than any other battle royal on the PS5.

It also allows you to take side quests for money that can change the course of the battle. For example, the reward may be placed on another player and it is up to you to remove them. If you succeed, you can get a big paycheck. If you do not succeed in the conflict, you are sent to the Gulag or you are completely out of the game. If you like first-person shooters and lots of games in your battle king games, you have to play Call of Duty: Warzone.


Image via Epic Games

Yes, we can hear you moan, but Fortnite is, for good reason, one of the most popular games in the world. Whether you like it or not, Fortnite continues to delight fans around the world with an ever-changing map, well-implemented third-party photography and a happy-go-lucky style. While Fortnite’s battle kingdom regime was originally lacking in office, it grew by leaps and bounds. It has an exciting format based on the season with surprising characters that are constantly being added, interesting side missions and building traditions that make players fascinated by the world and the story of the game.

If you haven’t played Fortnite lately, it might be worth giving him a second look. We just wish there was a non-building regime for those who are not so learned by Minecraft. With the PS5, the game also looks great thanks to its 4K resolution and ray tracing. The view of the sunlight peeking out of the leaves of the forest is a view of the view.

Guilty Gear Strive

Image via Arc System Works

Guilty Gear Strive is a great example of what this generation of fighting games can achieve. This online fighting game, which for the first time includes netback rollback, runs like butter nine times out of ten. It also helps to get into the game easily thanks to the cast of colorful characters and a thorough training system that will make you fight in a moment. When you first start Guilty Gear Strive, we recommend playing as May or Ky. In anime style, a couple of heads may turn badly, but trust us, the spectacular special moves and the overall design of Guilty Gear Strive make this PS5 fighting game stunning. And did we mention it has a rock metal soundtrack? Get the smell of the game when you can.

It takes two

It takes two snowballs
Image via EA

This ingenious platform game from the minds of Josef Fares and his It Takes Two team will let you play as a couple in crisis. They constantly disagree and decide to divorce. When their daughter finds out, she wishes they could be friends and get back together. After a series of events, the couple finds themselves miniaturized in toys and has to find out how to return to normal. To fix their relationship, you set out on a series of imaginative levels that revolve around the best game designs in recent years.

Without spoiling anything, the abilities and items the pair gains complement each other, and with a cooperative partner you must solve each puzzle, defeat each boss, and jump over each platform to complete the game. It’s an exciting and surprisingly high-budget affair that will delight you every step of the way. Multiplayer is such an integral part of the experience that you can’t really play the game unless a friend, important other or family member helps you. Fortunately, the other person can play It Takes Two for free with an online ID, or you can just be side by side in a local partnership.

Rainbow Six Siege

Image via Ubisoft

If you think Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t tactical enough, Rainbow Six Siege would be more in your alley. In this high-stakes multiplayer affair, you and four other people on your team are attacking or defending against another team of five in short-range combat. You must use the environment around you as a shelter when you are either extracting or defending a target, such as a hostage. It offers an exciting gaming experience, especially if you add a group of 4 other team members.

The PS5 with Rainbow Six Siege offers dynamic 4K resolution at 120 frames per second or fixed 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, depending on the options you choose in the game. Either way, you get a solid experience from the current generation on the latest Sony console.

Sackboy: A great adventure

Sackboy: A great adventure
Image via Playstation

From this list, we had to choose a family-friendly option, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure is definitely a great choice for players of all ages. It’s relatively easy, but the creativity shown in this LittleBigPlanet spinoff is on display. The platform itself is solid and offers solutions to problems that children could certainly benefit from. The level design constantly surprises you with its mechanics or the use of pop songs that appear throughout the text. The overall graphics style of the game on the PS5 really shines and uses DualSense in fun ways like feeling felt under Sackboy’s feet. Up to four people can play at once, online and offline.

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