Best Minecraft enchantments for PvP

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When people usually think of Minecraft, they are likely to imagine aspects of the game’s survival. If this is not the case, building structures and home bases are attracted to the game. With all that being said, some Minecraft servers are dedicated to creating a PvP environment where you have to use your skills to beat others. If you want to upgrade your weapons and armor, here are the best spells for Minecraft PvP.

10. Falling feathers

Feather Falling is the most situational spell on this list. If you fall from a great height, it will eliminate damage when you fall. While it’s great for areas that can lead to you falling to death, these moments will be too far in and between them, and you should focus on the next spells first.

9. Punch

Punch is an exclusive bow spell that has no effect on damaging your arrows. Instead, it increases the distance that enemies fly backwards when hit by one of your fired arrows. It can set the player hit by your shots to be sent rushing down the cliffs to their death.

8. Strength

Strength is a simple enchantment that needs to be understood. All it does is add damage to the bow, so the arrows you shoot are more deadly. If it was only included in the bow, it looked a little lower on this list, but it could be a nice pick up.

7. Kickback

Knockback works the same as Punch, but instead for melee weapons. Anyone who hits a Knockback weapon will fly further back than usual. This makes it great for turning enemies or sending them over cliffs.

6. Missile protection

Projectile protection protects you from bullets. Any incoming arrows or tridents from enemy players will do less damage if you have this spell on your armor. The fact that much of the combat will be with melee weapons is lower in the list, but regardless, it is imperative that you take steps to ensure that you survive enemy attacks while inflicting your own damage.

5. Fire aspect / flame

Fire Aspect and Flame do the same, but the only difference is where they are used. Fire Aspect is added to melee weapons, where Flame will be added to bows. When enchanted, they catch anyone who hits them. It’s a great way to hurt, of course, but it can be nerfed quite tough if your enemies have a special charm from later on in this list.

4. Thorns

Thorns will give the people attacking you another reason to reconsider their attack. Anyone who hits you when you have him in your armor will feel that some damage is coming back to him. It probably won’t kill anyone by itself, but it’s good in combination with any other damage you do to them.

3. Fire protection

Fire protection denies any incoming fire damage and accumulates with other pieces of armor you enchanted. This game limits you to protecting yourself from fire damage up to 80% of the damage caused by fire from this spell on several pieces of armor. You’ll be glad to have it turned on when you need it.

2. Sharpness

Sharpness increases damage to your swords or axes. There are five levels of this spell that can all quickly send your enemies if you fight a fight without proper protection. The point is that even with good armor, Sharpness can be a deadly weapon that you can have on your side and end a fight before it even begins.

1. Protection

Where Fire Protection reduces flame damage, Protection negates almost any type of damage (including fire). If you get all the pieces with the fourth level of armor, you will remove any incoming damage from enemies by 80%. They can’t win if they can’t kill you, can they? While you can’t get all the pieces of armor with maximum protection, the support is just too good to miss and decide on more than a few fights that you have.

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