Best JRPGs of All Time

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Escape. The Japanese RPG will immerse you in new worlds and allow you to forget about your hard-working life. For hours you will be captivated by a fantastic story, an incredible visual page and more often than a beautiful soundtrack that you will remember for years. Whether you’re exploring the Spira Islands or defeating evil like Phantom Thieves, you know you’ll have a good time. Below are the top ten JRPGs of all time:


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The PS4 era has brought us many great games, but one of the most popular PlayStation IPs of this period is Bloodborne. He transferred the slow but impressive fight from the Souls series and improved it. The Gothic architecture is stunning and the residents fit into the haunting atmosphere that From Software has added to the game. Bosses like Cleric Beast and Ludwig the Cursed are unforgettable, and one essential part of the JRPG is the epic battles you have to face. It may not have as much story as the others on this list, but the dark atmosphere will more than make up for it.

Chrono Trigger

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Recognized as one of the best SNES and JRPG games, Chrono Trigger provides a unique story and game mechanics that revolve around time travel. Eurogamer gave the Nintendo DS gaming port a perfect score. He said: “Chrono Trigger is a master class in RPG design, its design is far above the quality and balance of current JRPGs, it’s embarrassing.” Chrono Trigger holds a 92 Metacritic score for its DS port. The story, although based only on the text, is magnificent and the fight is still imitated because it holds up so well. It was also composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu, the musician behind most of the final series of the Final Fantasy series.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

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Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King is probably the best in this esteemed JRPG series because it presents a beautiful world to explore, relatives and a spectacular story that will entertain you for days, if not weeks. You may be wondering why Dragon Quest XI is not on this list instead, but VIII represents characters who do not say a darling after each sentence or strenuous voice. You will take care of every member of the party as your hero tries to break the curse of the king and princess who has turned into a horse. During the adventure, you will face tough but fair bosses and many creatures that you can actually collect as Pokémon along the way. The plot may be predictable, but it is written in an incredibly charming way, unlike the 11th record.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

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While the original Final Fantasy VII is considered a classic and should be played, the remake takes the original story a step further. Along the way, Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith and the Avalanche group are expanded into deeper and more relative characters. With the extra time you wander around Midgar, you will learn about its culture, its inhabitants, and most importantly, the shares of your mission to save the world from absolute destruction. Action RPG is more acceptable for modern players, but at the same time there is an element of strategy. You’ll have to use the right spells and abilities to defeat your opponent, and luckily it’s not just about pushing the attack button; you still have to work with the menu to be able to enter most moves. In addition, the Final Fantasy VII Remake has incredibly cinematic scenic moments that will jump out of your chair. It’s exciting, fun to play and a damn good time. We can’t wait for the next part.

Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy is the most acclaimed JRPG series in acting, so it makes sense to include two of the series. Final Fantasy X in 2001 was revolutionary at the time for its excellent voice acting (forget the laughing scene), impressive story and depth systems. The story and romance of Tidus and Yuna are captivating, and the general conflict of going with tradition or saving yourself in Yuan will keep you in suspense. In addition, the spherical grid system allows you to customize the character the way you want, making it one of the best ways to play if not. The graphics also hold because it has a clear artistic style surrounding the amazing Spira Islands. The bosses are unforgettable and the combat system allows you to switch between all members of your party on the run and streamline turn-based combat. Final Fantasy X is a must and is the perfect entry point into the series. It’s great on the PS2, but we recommend HD Remaster on the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Kingdom Hearts 2

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The Kingdom Hearts series is “Dearly Beloved” for many and the best entry into this series is Kingdom Hearts 2. It does everything right. The plot is incredibly compelling as Sora, Donald and Goofy explore many Disney worlds around the universe and oppose XIII. The fight is fast, engaging and yet strategic. As you fight the callous and no one, you will notice that the environment is impeccably detailed because it remains true to the source material. For example, the flames burst with Mulan’s artistic oriental taste. The original characters are as relative and interesting as their Disney counterparts with a world-class voice all around. And yes, it can be complicated, but he respects the player enough to understand what it’s all about. Did we forget to mention that the soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura is incredible?

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch contains an amazing adventure that will delight both children and adults. Studio Ghibli, studio in a row Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, a Princess Mononoke, helping with art design and playing Ni no Kuni is like joining one of their animated films. What supports the amazing art is a thrilling storytelling and combat system that should delight Pokémon fans. During the game, you tame creatures called familiar, which offer a variety of different special moves. You will level them and strengthen them to defeat the evil Dark Genie. What helps make the journey feel epic is Joe Hisaishi’s great score, which presents some wonderful themes for world map, combat and cutscenes. We are sure that during this adventure you will cry when little Oliver tries to save his mother.

Person 5 Royal

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Persona 5 Royal is one of the largest JRPGs ever created, because in addition to excellent turn-based combat, it also has a long but compelling story that delves into the world’s social problems. All the characters are engaging and likeable, and you’ll be crying when the game is over, because you won’t see them again and the script is well written and localized. Turn-based combat is exciting when you collect Personas and find out your opponent’s weakness. The bosses also involve a great deal of strategy and, in some cases, interactivity, as the characters must jump out of the battle to either divert attention or set a trap to get to the next stage. Every single song on the soundtrack of this game is a banger and will draw you further into the world. In addition to a great battle system, you can socialize with your out-of-school friends, train your character by going to the gym, learning for another test, or even taking a part-time job to earn more money. Tokyo is your oyster. Play this game if you haven’t already.

Pokémon gold and silver

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Pokemon Gold & Silver is a classic through and through. Despite being limited to Game Boy Color or Nintendo DS, if you have remakes, characters you’ll meet, and great music will keep you up and playing. Generation 2 probably has some of the best Pokémon that can be trained, fought and collected, and the pocket monsters from Kanto are also here. In fact, after defeating the elite four, you can explore the Kanto area and find some content after the game. It may not be as sophisticated as newer titles, but gold and silver are the real challenge for children and adults alike.

Xenoblade Chronicles

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The Xenoblade Chronicles, originally released on the Wii, ignited the world of the JRPG with a critically acclaimed story and a great combat system. Like the MMORPG, Shulk and the team maneuver around their enemies to weaknesses, using amazing special moves and anticipating devastating boss attacks. The amazing battle system should come with excellent music and fortunately this is definitely the case with the Xenoblade Chronicles. For example, “You Will Know Our Names” is an epic rock track that will elevate the action to even greater heights. Thanks to the use of strings and wind instruments in the composition, the marriage between rock and orchestration is great. This game was recently remade on the Nintendo Switch, so give it a try!

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