Best factions to join in New World

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The highly anticipated MMORPG title Amazons Games New World is approaching its worldwide release and fans are preparing for it. The game takes place on the fictional island of Aeternum, where players will use the resources of knots, handicrafts, conquer settlements, pretend to be tasks, fight other players / monsters and explore the whole place.
Like most MMORPGs, New World also offers a leveling system, where various actions generate XP, which helps to raise the overall level. After reaching level 12 in the game, players will be asked to choose a faction. Once a player is selected, he cannot change his faction and will have to be part of the selected group for the rest of the game.

The best faction in the New World

Covenant, The Syndicate and The Marauders are the three factions available in the New World. All three of these factions have a different purpose, giving each one a unique identity.


The pact includes extremists whose sole purpose is to bring real justice to the world. They are on a mission to destroy all dissidents and essentially cleanse the world.


Marauders are a group of ruthless people who believe in the survival of the fittest. They want to create a free nation where anyone with power can rule and profit.


The syndicate is a secret faction that is driven by wisdom and knowledge. Their primary goal is to uncover the secrets of the world and ultimately create a new enlightened society.

From now on, there is no clear best faction to join the New World. It is usually best to join a faction with most of the territory. In addition, the faction-controlled area will vary from server to server. Being part of a dominant faction will lead to higher levels of resources and equipment, so before choosing, check which faction has the most control on the map.

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